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Vocational Training for CWSN children

According to the government rules, JJ Act, 2015 and JJ Rules, 2016 the children become adults when they become 18 years old.  They have to leave the Child Care Institutions after they turn adults.  This is a problem for them because they do not have anywhere to get shelter and job.

We are on the trial to alleviate some of the problem of Housing and income by our new project.  Children who do not get on a longer path in academic studies find it hard to get job oriented placement when they are on their own.  This project also includes vocational training for the children, above 14 years of age, such that they can get income oriented services when they are on their own.

Some of the vocational training imparted are Jute bag making, jute products, pickle, incense sticks, hair cutting, tailoring, cooking, cycle seat making etc.

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Khanyan Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Seba Samity or KDBRASS is a non-profitable, non-political voluntary organization situated in Hooghly in the year 2003. 

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