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Khayan Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Seba Samity

Home for Children With Special Needs (boys and girls)

In India, a huge number of children spend their days under the open sky without any basic facility; we try to give them a home and a family. KDBRASS works with a motto to serve people; we try to provide basic needs to every needy. children in our  child care institution can get a safe environment that will help them to grow, to spend their days peacefully, and provide food & shelter free of cost. Most important is that the children in our home will get a stable lifestyle that they need while growing up. Our organization has started a home where we provide the CWSN children nutritious food, a healthy environment, shelter, and education to help them in coming back to the mainstream of society.  Education is given to the educable CWSN. Training is imparted to the trainable CWSN by RCI registered professionals.  Counselling is done by competent counsellors and the children are trained through neuro-muscular rebuilding by the process of music and dance therapy.

The CWSN home for boys is inspected and partly funded by Government of India and Government of West Bengal. The CWSN home for girls is in a rented building. It will soon be transferred to our own building for which we are raising funds. 

Vocational Training for CWSN children

According to the government rules, JJ Act, 2015 and JJ Rules, 2016 the children become adults when they become 18 years old.  They have to leave the Child Care Institutions after they turn adults.  This is a problem for them because they do not have anywhere to get shelter and job.

We are on the trial to alleviate some of the problem of Housing and income by our new project.  Children who do not get on a longer path in academic studies find it hard to get job oriented placement when they are on their own.  This project also includes vocational training for the children, above 14 years of age, such that they can get income oriented services when they are on their own.

Some of the vocational training imparted are Jute bag making, jute products, pickle, incense sticks, hair cutting, tailoring, cooking, cycle seat making etc.

Children Help Desk

Cultural Therapy

KDBRASS has been working on a project of helping Prisoners to come back to the mainstream of society for a longer time. The members of KDBRASS NGO are working on this matter by applying cultural therapy to make prisoners happy and come back to normal life. From our society, we arrange some cultural programs like recitation programs, dance programs, etc. These programs will help them to discover their hidden talents and make them able to overcome the negetivity from their past life.

 Eye Collection

Posthumous donation of body organs is a universally accepted work and it is considered noble work also. From KDBRASS, the members are doing this noble work for a longer time; we mainly collect the eyes of dead people as per their wish. At first, we make public campaigns and sensitization programs about the importance of donating eyes; then willing people visit our office where we fill up a form and provide them a certificate. This certificate is a symbol of their good work and encouragement for others.  The collected eye is given to the Eye Bank for donation to needy persons.

About Us

Khanyan Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Seba Samity or KDBRASS is a non-profitable, non-political voluntary organization situated in Hooghly in the year 2003. 

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 Village & P.O.: Khanyan, P.S.: Pandua, Dist.: Hooghly, Pin - 712147, West Bengal, India.